World Peptide Congress | Osaka - Japan | Nov 2018 | STATNANO FEEDBACK

World Peptide Congress

LocationJapan - Osaka
Start DateNov 26, 2018
End DateNov 27, 2018
Event TypeCongress
Subject AreaNanomedicine - Pharmaceutics

Peptide Conference will influence a charming moment to meet people in the investigation field and thusly it removes a get a kick from opening a way to meet the limit in the field, young experts and potential speakers. 


 - Peptide Materials and Nanomedicine
 - Peptides and Enzymes
 - Natural Product Biosynthesis
 - Post-Translational Modifications
 - Peptide Arrays and Proteomics
 - Peptide Libraries
 - Peptide Assembly
 - Membrane-Active Peptides
 - Synthetic and Non-Natural Peptide Backbones
 - Peptidomimetics
 - Peptide Therapeutics, Vaccines, and Diagnostics
 - Peptide Structure and Function
 - Glycopeptides
 - Computational Design
 - Synthetic Methods
 - Current Research on Peptide Science