Measurement of nanoparticle diameter-Transmission electron microscope

Standard NumberKS D 2716:2008
OrganizationKorean Agency for Technology and Standards
  • DEC 2008Published
  • DEC 2013Reviewed and Confirmed
ISO 13322-1:2004 gives specific recommendations for reporting of test results derived from microscopy methods. At a minimum, report the mean particle size and variance based on the measurements as well as the number of particles measured. If a size distribution analysis algorithm is applied, then it should be identified along with any key parameter values used in the analysis. Other critical information that should be reported includes: TEM instrument make and model, operating voltage, beam current settings, objective lens excitation, and diffraction aperture size (if used). Additional information that can be helpful to include in a report are: a typical micrograph at the measurements conditions, frame size, pixel dimensions, image acquisition time per micrograph, and mean signal-to-noise ratio between background and particles.