Nanotechnologies-Terminology and definitions for nano-objects- Nanoparticle, nanofibre and nanoplate

Standard NumberKS A ISO TS 27687:2009
OrganizationKorean Agency for Technology and Standards
CategoryTerminology | Vocabulary | Definition
  • DEC 2009Published
  • DEC 2014Reviewed and Confirmed
This Technical Specification (TS) lists terms and definitions related to nanoscale particles and other nanoscale objects that provide the basis of nanotechnologies. Many authorities predict that applications of nanotechnologies will pervade virtually all aspects of life and will enable dramatic advances to be realized in all areas of knowledge-based technologies, including communication, health, manufacturing and materials. It is therefore essential that industry and research have suitable tools to aid the development and application of those technologies and that regulators and health and environmental protection agencies can access reliable measurement and evaluation protocols. One imperative in both instances is the availability of a harmonized, rational terminology that avoids confusion and misunderstanding. This terminology and definitions document encompasses terms used in both nanosciences and nanotechnologies concerning particles and other objects at the nano-scale. “Nano-object” and other new terms are coined to provide a rational, hierarchical system of definitions. This hierarchy will allow the construction of a systematic vocabulary and is part of a larger structured terminology under development for nanotechnologies. The document forms one part of a projected multi-part terminology and definitions compendium covering different aspects of nanotechnologies. It is intended to facilitate communications between organizations and individuals in industry and research and those who interact with them.