Questionnaire on Nanotechnology Statistics and Resources
Dear Sir/madam

StatNano was established in 2010 as a gateway to the latest information and statistics in Nano-based Science, Technology and Industry. The mission of “” is to provide a reliable source of information on the development of this fast growing science by monitoring the status of nanotechnology development and policies all around the world.

Even though significant progress has already been made in the field of nanotechnology, there is still an information gap between science, business, policy and services in this field. Therefore, we have prepared a questionnaire to approach this issue. The questionnaire’s main objectives are collecting and processing data on the existing gap and disseminating the result in order to help further development of Nanotechnology at an international level.

It goes without saying that such internationally important project would benefit most if it includes meticulous remarks of active experts in this field from around the world. We hope that you can kindly assist us with this project by sharing your expertise through the questionnaire.

Your time and consideration is highly appreciated in advance.

1- What is your main activity in the field of science and technology?

2- How much of your work time is dedicated to nanotechnology?

3- What type of information has more significance to you? Please score from 1 (the least important) to 5 (the most important).

1 2 3 4 5
A In-depth analytical reports
B Summary report
C Statistics
D Databases
E News

4- A series of databanks in the field of nanotechnology is suggested below, please score based on your requirements to these, please state their availability on the web.

Type of databank Requirement Availability on the web
1 2 3 4 5 Available Not available I don't Know
1 New achievements and applications of nanotechnology in universities and research center
2 Valid scientific journals
3 Events (congresses, conferences, exhibitions, and scientific competitions)
4 Scientists in various field of nanotechnology
5 Research centers and universities, top valid laboratories in the field of nanotechnology
6 Scientific publication trends in various field of nanotechnology
7 International, national and regional standards
8 Nanotechnology enterprises
9 Statistics of nanotechnology patents
10 Nanotechnology products and nanotechnology tools
11 Nanotechnology market size in various business sectors
12 Public and private investment in nanotechnology
13 National nanotechnology plants and programs
14 National and international rules and regulations
15 International and national policy making and regulatory organizations
16 Informative websites and databanks
17 Health, safety and environmental issues

5- What websites or databanks do you usually visit to find information in the field of nanotechnology?


6- Have you ever visited the website:""?

7- If yes, please state which part of the website you have used?

8- Personal information(optional)

9- If you are interested in receiving the survey results, please enter your E-Mail address