Chinano 2018 Conference & Expo

LocationChina - Suzhou
Start DateOct 24, 2018
End DateOct 26, 2018
Event TypeConference & Expo
Subject AreaNanoscience - NanotechnologyNanomaterialsNMES - MEMSOthers
Over 8 years of cultivation and development, CHInano Conference & Expo has partnered with a number of outstanding forums in fields such as micro and nano manufacturing, nanomaterials, biomedicines, energy and environmental protection, etc. and invited industry leaders and celebrated scholars from across the globe and leading delegates from governments and enterprises, to share their insights into the latest achievements, frontier information and development trend of technologies and to facilitate product promotion, capital joint venture and technology fusion and exchanges.

CHInano 2018 consists of one main forum and 12 conferences, including 5 themed conferences to discuss about fields such as flexible and printed electronics, ink jet printing, micro and nano manufacturing, energy materials, etc., 3 technical applications conferences on transducer and MEMS, industry investment, and smart home technology & applications and 3 industry matchmaking conferences, including International Roundtable on Nanotechnology, HUAWEI Openlife Matchmaking, and China-Holland Nanotechnology Matchmaking.