5th World Congress and Expo on Oncology & Radiology

LocationSpain - Valencia
Start DateDec 6, 2018
End DateDec 8, 2018
Event TypeCongress
Subject AreaNanomedicine - Pharmaceutics
The conference will provide researchers, scientists, clinicians, professors, Young Researchers and students with an overview of technological achievements in the field of advanced Radiotherapy techniques and of their potential future therapeutic benefits, as well as with a summary of progress made modification of tumour and normal tissue responses. Also, the proceedings of the conference will document the impact of new technological and biological tools in current clinical practice and the likely future integration of the knowledge and tools in radiotherapy, preferably using clinical trials as a suitable matrix for providing robust data for future clinical implementation. A review of the effectiveness and limitations of the current quality assurance programmes will be completed and new innovative processes will be disseminated.


- Cancer Cell Biology
- Anti-Cancer Agents
- Complementary and Alternative
- Medicine (CAM)
- Cancer Chemotherapy
- Global Cancer Epidemiology
- Cancer Detection & Diagnosis
- Cancer Management & Prevention
- Surgical Oncology
- Radiation Oncology
- Interventional Radiology
- Mammography
- Cancer Metabolomics
- Cancer Biomarkers
- Cancer Genetics
- Cancer Pathology
- Organ Specific Cancer
- Tumor Virology
- Cancer Therapy
- Cancer Vaccines
- Cancer Nanotechnology
- Palliative Therapy
- Cancer Biopsy
- Oncology Nursing
- Cancer Stem Cell
- Cancer Science
- Robotic Oncology
- Advanced Radiation Therapy
- Cancer Pharmacology and Anti-Cancer
- Drug Delivery
- Tumor Pathology
- Gynecologic Oncology
- Gynecologic Oncology
- Neuro-Oncology
- Skin Cancer
- Cancer Prognosis
- Cancer Screening
- Cancer : Causes
- Oncogenomics & Oncoproteomics
- Pediatric Oncology
- Geriatric Oncology
- Oncology Case reports
- Hemato-oncology and Blood Cancers
- Economic Impact on Cancer
- Cancer Pharma Industry
- Entrepreneurs Investment Meet
- Radiation Therapy
- Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
- Advanced Oncology
- Clinical Oncology
- Medical Oncology