2nd Global Conference and Expo on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

LocationNetherlands - Amsterdam
Start DateOct 15, 2018
End DateOct 17, 2018
Event TypeConference & Expo
Subject AreaNanomaterialsNanoelectronicsNano Optics - NanophotonicsNew energy - Renewable energyNanoscience - NanotechnologyOthers
Applied Science-2018 is anticipating participants from 40 and more countries across the globe and the three-day conference will provoke plenary sessions, Keynote speeches, Poster, and Oral Presentations. This program provides three days of robust discussions on recent advancements and new strategies for development of new materials for global requirements.


- Applied Physics
- Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
- petro-chemistry and Petroleum Engineering
- Chemical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Power & Energy Engineering
- Computer and Information Sciences
- Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
- Biomedical Engineering
- Material Science and Engineering
- Materials Science in Building and
- Construction Engineering
- Materials and Environmental Effects
- Advanced Materials and Tools
- Materials in Industry
- Nuclear Engineering
- Nanomaterials
- Biomaterials
- Ceramics, Polymers and Composite Materials
- Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials
- Metals and alloys
- Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials
- Computer Science and Applications
- Oil, Gas, Energy & Mining Engineering
- Life Science Engineering
- Food & Agriculture Engineering
- Green technology
- Space Technologies
- Power Transmission and Distribution
- Materials recycling and other related topics
- Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
- Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations
- Advances for Process Industries
- Automatic Process Control using Wireless Sensor Networks
- Energy Efficient Routing and Medium
- Access with Wireless Sensor Networks
- Indoor Localization and Tracking Algorithms
- Smart Home Automation Systems
- Green ICT Networks
- Artificial Intelligent System
- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
- Embedded and Network Computing
- Information Security
- Signal and Image Processing
- Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
- Cartography and Geographic Information System
- Communication Systems
- Atmospheric Diffusion
- Control of Toxic Gases
- Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes