2018 2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials and Biomaterials (ICNB 2018)

LocationSpain - Barcelona
Start DateDec 10, 2018
End DateDec 12, 2018
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanoelectronicsNanomedicine - PharmaceuticsNano Optics - NanophotonicsNanodevices - EquipmentPolymer - NanocompositesSafety - Social issuesBiology - Life scienceNanofabrication - CharacterizationNano EngineeringNanobiotechnologyAdvanced materialsNanomaterialsNanoscience - Nanotechnology

ICNB 2018 will deliver together world elegance professors, scientists and doctors to discuss about the cutting-edge developments are taking region in the area of Nanomaterials, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology. ICNB 2018 is designed to offer diverse and cutting-edge training as a way to hold nanotechnology and biomaterials experts to be updated with the improvements which can be taking place within the discipline of nanomaterials and biomaterials, This conference will be organized with a subject matter “Exploring new ideas and discuss about the advanced technology in the field of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials”. ICNB 2018 is designed to offer comprehensive periods that address topics such as Nanoparticles, Nanoelectronic devices, Nanoscale materials, biomaterials and many regions related to the Fields of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials.



Nano Particles - 
Nano Electronic devices - 
Nano Scale Materials - 
Scope of Nanomaterials - 
Nanomaterials characterisation and synthesis - 
Nanozymes - 
Nanomaterials manufacturing technologies - 
Nano Structures - 
Nanomaterials Safety and regulations - 
Materiomics - 
Insilico nanostructure modelling - 
Applications of Nanomaterials - 
Characterization and properties of Nanomaterials - 
Advanced Nanomaterials - 
Nanotech products - 
Nanodevices and Systems - 
Nanomedical Devices - 
Nanotechnology applications - 
Biomedical Nanomaterials - 



Advanced Biomaterials - 
Medical and Dental Applications - 
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - 
Polymer and Metallic Biomaterials - 
Biomaterials and Nanotechnology - 
Biomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization, 3D Printing, Biological Engineering - 
Biomaterials for Therapeutic and Investigative Delivery - 
Biodegradable Biomaterials - 
Scientific Performance of Biomaterials - 
Biomaterials for Implants - 
Biomechanical Research - 


Material Chemistry   

Materials Chemistry Classical Analytical Chemistry - 
Instrumental Analysis - 
Optical Analysis - 
Polymer Science - 
Material Processing - 
Structural Chemistry - 
Material Shaping - 

Materials Processing Engineering   

Materials Processing EngineeringMetallurgy Technology - 
Polymer Materials - 
Polymer Processing - 
Metalworking - 
Casting - 
Welding - 

Electronic Materials   

Electronic MaterialsSemiconductor Materials - 
Display Materials - 
Battery Materials - 
Optical Materials - 
Dielectric Materials - 
Ferroelectric Materials - 
Conductive Metal -