19th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry & Multi Targeted Drug Delivery

LocationUSA - San Francisco
Start DateNov 5, 2018
End DateNov 6, 2018
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanomedicine - PharmaceuticsNanochemistry

19th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry & Multi Targeted Drug Delivery, will be organized around the theme “Scientific Novelty and Advanced Perception in Medicinal Chemistry”. MedChem & MTDD 2018 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in MedChem & MTDD 2018.


 - Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery
 - Structure-based drug design, virtual screening
 - Medicinal Chemistry Aspects of Drug Action and Drug Metabolism
 - Drug Metabolism
 - Molecular Biology - A New Route to Drug Discovery
 - Fusion of Traditional And Biomedicine
 - Plant Genomics
 - Pharmaceuticals Vs Nutraceuticals
 - Frontiers In Chemistry
 - Computer Aided Drug Designing
 - Drug Chemistry
 - Hyphenated Chromatographic Techniques
 - Cancer Studies: Drug Delivery Chemistry
 - Neuro Degenerative Disease
 - Vaccines And Autism
 - Emerging Infectious Diseases
 - Antibiotics
 - Personalised Medicines And Drugs
 - Medchem-Antimicrobial And Infectious Agents
 - Chem Virology (zika virus)
 - New Trends In Pharmacology And Drug Development
 - Novel Drug Discovery And Drug Delivery
 - Chemical Biology
 - Novel Research: Hit To Lead
 - Advanced Medicinal Chemistry
 - Scientific Drug Discovery Breakthroughs For Deadly Diseases
 - Fluorine in Medicinal Chemistry: Recent Therapeutic Applications of Fluorinated Small Molecules
 - Immunizing and Antimicrobial Agents
 - Biophysical Enzymology and Biopharmaceuticals
 - Integrated Pharmacology
 - Diagnostic Medicinal Chemistry
 - Antibiotics
 - Anticancer and Anti-Diabetic Agents
 - Immunotherapy-Oncology
 - Sources of leads
 - Drug Biotransformation and Disposition
 - Epigenetic gene silencing in cancer
 - Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Systems
 - Pharmacology
 - Medical Devices for Drug Delivery
 - Survey of Therapeutics
 - Targeted Drug Delivery System-TDDS (Smart Drug Delivery)