International Conference on Nature Inspired Surface Engineering (NISE)

International Conference on Nature Inspired Surface Engineering (NISE)

Location USA USA - New Jersey
Start Date Jun 12, 2019
End Date Jun 14, 2019
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nano Engineering Nanoscience - Nanotechnology


The NISE conference provides a means of reporting and sharing the latest developments in the nature-inspired surface engineering, encompassing physics, chemistry, biology, material science, and various engineering disciplines.


 - Fundamental understanding of surface and interface science and phenomena such as wetting, adhesion, adsorption, desorption, friction, (bio)tribology, wear, corrosion, biofouling, icing/deicing, phase changes, heat/energy transfer, electrochemistry, optics/photonics, etc.
 - Material processing and fabrication techniques for functional surfaces including novel techniques such as 3D printing and self-assembly
 - Surface modification and coating techniques for functional surfaces
 - Hydro-, aero, ice-, and oleo-phobic/philic surfaces
 - SLIPS (slippery liquid infused porous surfaces) and LIS (lubricant impregnated surfaces)
 - Stimuli-responsive and adaptive materials and surfaces
 - Self-healing/self-repairing materials and surfaces
 - Surface engineering in energy applications
 - Surface engineering in water-related applications
 - Surface engineering in biomedical applications
 - Surface engineering in optical and electrical applications
 - Surface engineering in industrial applications
 - Surface characterization and metrology
 - Novel phenomena and applications of engineered surfaces/coatings