6th Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo (GNCE-2019)

6th Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo (GNCE-2019)

Location UAE UAE - Dubai
Start Date Apr 15, 2019
End Date Apr 17, 2019
Event Type Conference & Expo
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Nanobiotechnology Nanoelectronics Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Nanofabrication - Characterization Environment New energy - Renewable energy Others


6th Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo (GNCE-2019), is now an established event, attracting global participant’s intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of Nanotechnology and related research and latest developments. The event will have 5-6 world level (Highly cited class) Plenary speakers, established Keynote speakers, active Invited speakers and fresh contributed speakers. In addition, variety of poster presentations along with workshops and special sessions would be interested in audience.


 - Nanomaterials
 - Graphene Technologies
 - Carbon nanomaterials, devices and technologies
 - Nanofabrication
 - Nanocomposites and Multifunctional Materials
 - Graphene Technologies
 - Applications of Nanotechnology
 - Nanobiotechnology
 - Multifunctional Nanobiomaterials
 - Functional materials
 - Energymaterials
 - Emerging areas of Materials Science
 - Advancements in Material Science
 - Ceramic and Glass Materials
 - Nanotoxicology
 - Polymer based Nanocomposites
 - Microtechnology
 - Mining and Metallurgy
 - Nanomedicine and Biomedical Engineering
 - Nanomedical Approaches for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatments
 - Cancer Nanotechnology & Tissue Nanoengineering
 - Multifunctional Nanobiomaterials
 - Biomaterials and Polymer Chemistry
 - Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Materials
 - Materials Processing and Product Manufacturing
 - Materials Science and Engineering
 - Materials Science-Fundamentals & Characterization
 - Materials-Environment Interactions
 - Nanodevices & Nanosensors
 - Nanoelectronics
 - Nanophotonics and Optics
 - Nanosensoring in diagnostics and industry
 - Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment
 - Quantum dots
 - Risks and Regulation of Nanotechnology
 - Robotics and Mechatronics
 - Green nanotechnology