5th International Congress & Expo on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

LocationUK - London
Start DateJun 17, 2019
End DateJun 18, 2019
Event TypeConference & Expo
Subject AreaNanobiotechnology

5th International Congress & Expo on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (Biotechnology-2019), is now an established event, attracting global participant’s intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of Biotechnology and Bioengineering and related research and latest developments. The event will have 5-6 world level (Highly cited class) plenary speakers, established Keynote speakers, active Invited speakers and fresh contributed speakers. In addition, variety of poster presentations along with workshops and special sessions would be interested in audience.


 - Agricultural Biotechnology
 - Food & Brewing Biotechnology
 - Plant Biotechnology
 - Medical Biotechnology
 - Industrial Biotechnology
 - Nano-biotechnology
 - Biomining and Bioleaching
 - Microbial Technology
 - Applied Biotechnology
 - Tissue Engineering
 - Biochemical Engineering
 - Bioenergetics
 - Biomedical Engineering
 - Bioprocess Engineering
 - Biomimetics
 - Genetic Engineering
 - Cancer Biotechnology
 - Bio-Mechanical Engineering
 - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
 - Environmental Biotechnology
 - Marine, Aquatic and Ocean Biotechnology