5th Edition of International Conference on Plant Genomics

LocationGermany - Berlin
Start DateJun 13, 2019
End DateJun 14, 2019
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaAgriculture - Husbandry - Fisheries

Plant Genomics 2019 is a global overview the Theme: "New Genome Based Breeding and Genome Evolution Technologies on Different Scales" which brings together persons particularly interested in the genome of Plant Science and Agriculture Science, both raw and finished; to foster programs of general papers and symposia on special topics dealing with this field of genomics; to promote such other activities as will stimulate activity in and emphasize the importance of research in genome and gene editing. Our conference provides quality, timely Symposium at International Conference on Plant Genomics.


 - Plant Functional Genomics and Biotechnology
 - Plant Genome Engineering Strategies and Developments
 - Plant Genetics and Epigenetics
 - Agricultural Genomics and Cereal Genomics
 - Plant Breeding
 - Plant Nutritional Genomics
 - Plant Signaling and Chemical Signaling
 - Genome Sequencing
 - Plant Pathology
 - Crop Improvement and Plant Hormones
 - Plant Science
 - Horticulture Sciences
 - Plant Proteomics
 - Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
 - Genetically Modified Organisms
 - Molecular Breeding
 - Plant Synthetic Biology and Plant Transcriptome
 - Plant Nanotechnology
 - Plant Tissue Culture
 - Plant Metabolism and Regulation
 - Arabidopsis