International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (Mat Science 2019)

LocationUSA - San Francisco
Start DateFeb 18, 2019
End DateFeb 20, 2019
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanoscience - NanotechnologyNanomaterialsNanofabrication - CharacterizationPolymer - NanocompositesComputational - Simulation - Modeling

The Mat Science 2019 aims to converge the breakthrough developments from the fields of chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering to address genuine technology needs, while also considering the translational path from bench to bedside. Mat Science 2019 is an ideal setting for this endeavor.


 - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

 - Hard Tissue Engineering

 - Development of New Characterization, Modeling, Data Analytics and Design Methods

 - Structural Materials and Metallurgy

 - Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Applications

 - Materials for Energy Storage, Production & Harvesting Applications

 - Simulation of Materials Processing and Technologies 

 - Additive Manufacturing

 - Surface Coating and Tribology

 - Failure Analysis and Prevention Techniques

 - Adhesives and Joining Technologies

 - Polymer Science and Engineering

 - Particular and Fibre Composites

 - Finite Element analysis of Automotive, aerospace structure

 - Graphene