Annual Conference on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

LocationUSA - Las Vegas
Start DateNov 25, 2019
End DateNov 26, 2019
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanoscience - NanotechnologyFood - PackagingNanoelectronicsNanomedicine - PharmaceuticsNano Optics - NanophotonicsEnvironmentSocial sciencesPolymer - NanocompositesRobotics - Artificial intelligenceSafety - Social issuesNanobiotechnologyNanomaterialsNanophysicsNanochemistry

Nano: R&D Conference gathers all the Global leaders in Recycling and relevant fields to share their research at this exclusive scientific program. Nano: R&D Conference is aimed to identify Advances in the field of Nanotechnology. Nano R&D 2019 is conducted with the categorical intent of exploring the advancements of new findings and developments fostering the knowledge peak reached by scientific community on nano science and nanotechnology. The hallmark of the conference is marked with the attendance of world-renowned speakers, young researchers, business delegates and talented student communities. This fosters to an international networking and greater knowledge exchange in the field of nano science and nanotechnology.


 - Nano materials
 - Nano electronics
 - Nanophysics
 - Nano engineering
 - Nano medicine
 - Nano biotechnology
 - Nano toxicology
 - Nano Robotics
 - Nano chemistry
 - Green Nanotechnology
 - Food and Nanotechnology
 - Nanotechnology risk and safety assessment
 - Molecular Nanotechnology
 - Polymer Nano science
 - Nano science and everyday life