EuroSciCon Conference on Graphene & Carbon Nanotechnology

LocationJapan - Tokyo
Start DateNov 25, 2019
End DateNov 27, 2019
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanomaterials

This conference aimed to enlarge its coverage in the regions of Graphene, nanotechnologywhere expert talks and younger researcher’s presentation will be placed in every consultation of the meeting and that might be stimulated and preserve up your enthusiasm and Professionals. We feel our expert Organizing Committee is our precious asset, but your presence over the venue will add one extra feather to the crown of Graphene Nanotechnology 2019.


 - Graphene and Ultrathin 2D Materials
 - Chemistry and Biology studies of Graphene
 - Growth and Production of Graphene and 2D Materials
 - Graphene Functionalization
 - Graphene Nano in Energy and Storage
 - Graphene and its Oxide
 - Graphene the Ultra-Capacitor
 - Graphene like 2D Materials
 - Advancement of Graphene Physics
 - Graphene Chemistries
 - Graphene Physics
 - Carbon Nanochips and Nanostructures
 - Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
 - Nanocarbon Materials in Energy
 - Novel Hybrid Carbon Materials
 - Emerging Trends in Graphene Nano research
 - Emerging Trends in Graphene Experiment
 - Graphene and Biomaterials in the field of Healthcare
 - Large scale Graphene Production and Characterization
 - Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures
 - Artificial Graphite and Natural Graphene
 - Challenges and Opportunities in Graphene commercialization
 - Compare of Graphene & Graphite
 - Graphite,Graphene & their Polymer Nano Compounds
 - Graphene- Properties, Characterization & Synthesis
 - Application of Graphene Technology
 - CVD Graphene-Creating Graphene Via Chemical Vapor Deposition
 - Graphene 3D printing
 - Uses of Carbon Nanotubes
 - Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFETs)