7th International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials (ICANM2019)

LocationCanada - Montreal
Start DateAug 12, 2019
End DateAug 14, 2019
Event TypeConference & Expo
Subject AreaNanomaterialsAdvanced materials

This conference offers the unique opportunity to share your research work and  refresh your knowledge.It also provides an excellent platform to meet existing colleagues and to greet new delegates. ICANM is an annual regular conference since 2013 and has been successfully held in many cities in Canada.


 - Nanomaterials and nanotechnology

 - New materials 

 - Ferrous and non-ferrous material

 - Composites 

 - Ceramics

 - Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials

 - New Functional Materials

 - Smart/Intelligent Materials

 - Materials Forming & Machining

 - Application of Nanomaterials in mining, metallurgical, electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical and other industries

 - Mining, Material & Metallurgical Education 

 - Process development and process control

 - Modelling, Simulation & Optimisation of advanced and nano Materials/Manufacturing Processes

 - Surface Engineering and Coatings

 - Advanced and nanomaterial’s education

 - Environment and Sustainable Development

 - Market and Finance

 - Biomaterials, bio-nanomaterials and biopolymers

 - Materials for Drug & Gene Delivery 

 - Carbon Nano Structures & Devices & Graphene 

 - New material characterization methods

 - Novel nanomanufacturing methods

 - Nanomaterials for Catalysis 

 - Polymer composites

 - Micro, Nano & Bio Fluidics 

 - NanoNuclear Materials, Applications 

 - Safety and legislation for new advanced and nano materials

 - New directions of material research

 - Information Technology in Material Designing