LocationUSA - New York
Start DateJul 15, 2019
End DateJul 16, 2019
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanomedicine - Pharmaceutics

Novel Drug Delivery 2019 will illustrate innovative research ideas on Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, Drug Targeting and Design, Nano medicine & Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery and Screening, Formulation Technology, Bio pharmaceutics and Biologic Drugs, Medical Devices for Drug Delivery.The conference opens the doors for many eminent personalities such as Professors and Ph.D Scholars from academia, Clinicians, R&D Scientists, CEOs, CROs, CMOs, Director, President from Pharmaceutical Companies, Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers of Drug Delivery Technologies, Business Entrepreneurs, Health professionals & Pharmacist, Quality control specialist. It provides interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields NDDS.


 - Novel Drug Delivery Systems- Advances and Innovations
 - Drug Delivery Technologies
 - Pre-formulation formulation Technologies
 - Routes of Drug Administration
 - Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights
 - Drug Delivery Devices And Equipment
 - Peptides, Protein and Nucleic Acid based Drug Delivery Systems
 - Drug Targeting and Drug Designing
 - Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
 - Prodrug Approaches to Drug Delivery
 - Process design, optimization of drug delivery system
 - Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
 - Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
 - Designing of Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Vectors
 - Nanomedicine and Biomedical Applications
 - Medicinal Chemistry
 - Advances in Biotherapeutics
 - Vaccine Drug Delivery System
 - Anti Cancer Drug Discovery
 - Drug Delivery Facing Challenges
 - Global Drug Delivery Market