The 2nd edition of chem2Dmat

LocationGermany - Dresden
Start DateSep 3, 2019
End DateSep 6, 2019
Event TypeConference
Subject AreaNanomaterialsNanofabrication - CharacterizationOthers

During the last years, the chemistry of graphene has played an ever increasing role in the large-scale production, chemical functionalization and processing as well as in numerous applications of such material, and it has been expanded to various new 2D inorganic and organic materials. This conference aims at providing a forum to the rapidly growing community of scientists mastering the chemical approaches to 2D materials in order to fabricate systems and devices exhibiting tunable performance. The chemical approach offers absolute control over the structure of 2D materials at the atomic- or molecular-level and will thus serve as enabling strategy to develop unprecedented multifunctional systems, of different complexity, featuring exceptional physical or chemical properties with full control over the correlation between structure and function.


 - Bottom up growth
 - On surface and interface synthesis
 - Synthetic 2D materials
 - Chemical exfoliation and functionalization of 2D materials
 - Hierarchical superstructures of 2D materials
 - Functional processing and multiscale characterizations
 - Energy storage, energy harvesting, and (photo/electro)catalytic properties of 2D materials
 - Opto-electronics, flexible electronics, (bio)sensor, biomedicine, membrane, etc