Annual Congress on Nanomaterials and Nanoscience

Annual Congress on Nanomaterials and Nanoscience

Location UK UK - Edinburg
Start Date Sep 16, 2019
End Date Sep 17, 2019
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Advanced materials Nanofabrication - Characterization Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Robotics - Artificial intelligence Polymer - Nanocomposites Nanoelectronics Others


Nanomaterials Congress 2019, are specially studied because these materials play an important part in Healthcare, Electronics, Cosmetics. Nanomaterials are an increasingly important product of nanotechnologies. Nanomaterials have extremely small size which having at least one dimension 100 nm or less. They can also be nanoscale in one dimension, Two dimensions or Three dimensions. They can exist in single, fused, aggregated or agglomerated forms with spherical, tubular, and irregular shapes. Common types of nanomaterials include nanotubes, dendrimers, quantum dots and fullerenes. Nanomaterials have applications in the field of Nano technology, and displays different physical & chemical characteristics from normal chemicals.


 - Advanced Nanomaterials
 - Nanomaterials Processing
 - Nanostructures and Nanofabrication
 - Application of nanotechnology
 - Nanomechanics
 - Nanophotonics
 - Nano Satellites
 - Nano Robotics
 - Nanotechnology in power generation
 - Nanotechnology in energy storage
 - Nanocomposites
 - Nanogeo Science
 - Nanotechnology for Cancer
 - Biomedical nano devices
 - Approaches of Nano Electronic devices
 - Nano lithography
 - Nano Toxicity