Advances in Functional Materials (AFM 2020)

Advances in Functional Materials (AFM 2020)

Location South Korea South Korea - Jeju Island
Start Date Aug 17, 2020
End Date Aug 19, 2020
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomaterials Advanced materials


AFM is one of the well reputed conference on the advancement of functional materials science and technology, meaningful occasion to confirm major research results and up-to-date research trends in the world, increase exchanges among researchers in relevant fields, and materialize the results of research. AFM Conference attendees include engineers, scientists, educators, and students who seek to establish fruitful research relationships with global and international partners for future collaboration.


 - Advances in multifunctional composite materials

 - Advances in thin films

 - Advances in polymers and ceramics

 - Advances in energy storage and conversion devices

 - Advances in biosensors and biomaterials

 - Advances in catalysis

 - Low dimensional, nano and 2d materials