22nd Annual Conference on Material Science (YUCOMAT 2021)

22nd Annual Conference on Material Science (YUCOMAT 2021)

Location Serbia Serbia - Online
Start Date Aug 30, 2021
End Date Sep 3, 2021
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanomaterials Nanobiotechnology Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Advanced materials


The First Conference on materials science and engineering, including physics, physical chemistry, condensed matter chemistry, and technology in general, was held in September 1995, in Herceg Novi. An initiative to establish the Yugoslav Materials Research Society was born at the conference and, similar to other MR societies in the world, the programme was made and objectives determined. The Yugoslav Materials Research Society (Yu-MRS), a non-government and non-profit scientific association, was founded in 1997 to promote multidisciplinary goal-oriented research in materials science and engineering. The main task and objective of the Society is to encourage creativity in materials research and engineering to reach a harmonic coordination between achievements in this field in our country and analogous activities in the world with an aim to include our country into global international projects. Until 2003, Conferences were held every second year and then they grew into Annual Conferences traditionally held in Herceg Novi in September of every year. In 2007 Yu-MRS formed two new MRS: MRS-Serbia (official successor of Yu-MRS) and MRS-Montenegro (in founding). In 2008, MRS – Serbia became a member of FEMS (Federation of European Materials Societies).




- Advanced Methods in Synthesis and Processing of Materials

- Advanced Materials for High-Technology Application

- Nanostructured Materials

- Eco-Materials and Eco-Technologies

- Biomaterials