StatNano Releases Report on Applications of Nanotechnology in Petroleum Industry Based on Active Enterprises

The StatNano Database Website released a new report on the application of nanotechnology in petroleum industry based on active enterprises

Nanotechnology has found different applications in various industries in recent years with petroleum industry among the biggest benefiters of the novel technology.

Nowadays, numerous methods have been developed in modifying processes used in various upstream or downstream sections of oil and gas industry by using nanotechnology.

Therefore, the use of this technology has become a priority to large enterprises active in the field of petroleum, and various products have been presented to the market. That is why many enterprises carry out studies on nanotechnology in their Research and Development sections, and they register new technologies in forms of patents.

The aim of the StatNano report is to detect the path of enterprises active in the field of oil and petroleum in obtaining technical knowledge to use nanotechnology in oil and gas related fields. The study has been carried out by analyzing patents published by the enterprises in this field of activity. The ten enterprises ExxonMobil, Chevron, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Eni and ConocoPhillips have been studied as the patent-holding enterprises in this research.

This report firstly evaluates the general patent analysis of all enterprises from both statistical and technical points of view, and then it presents patent analysis for all enterprises individually, including their statistical and technical information.

For more information and access to the full text of the report, please click here.


ALI - 2016-04-29 08:39:29

impressive report, hope all of us will eventually get the benefit of this technology.