The European Nanomedicine Pavilion at China International Medical Expo 2019 (CIME)

A Swedish company has reached an agreement with China Medical City (CMC), to launch a nanomedicine pavilion at 10th China ‎International ‎Medical Expo 2019 (CIME). International pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and life science companies, as well as SMEs and experts, have been invited to join this pavilion to showcase their achievements.

The 10th China (Taizhou) ‎International ‎Medical Expo 2019 (CIME) is hosting by the Jiangsu Provincial government from September 18 to 20 at the China Medical City (CMC).

CIME is aimed at being a platform to interact, exchange, and discuss the newfangled field of pharmaceutical technologies, products, and services. Exhibit category contains medicine, active pharmaceutical ingredient, apparatus and instruments, chemical reagent, analytical instruments, glassware, lab instruments, pharmaceutical facilities, packing material, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, health supplements, cosmetic raw materials, and relevant medical technology and services.

The participation of relevant industry associations in the technical area of pharmaceutical industry such as senior government officials, executives, academic leaders, sponsors, supporters, and organizers makes this grand event a stage for facilitating scientific and technical cooperation between domestic and foreign suppliers. Leaders of relevant China’s ministries and commissions, as well as the authoritative experts from ‎various sectors, will release the latest information and give explanations in regard to the ‎latest policy trends, industrial, and technological development direction by means of high-level ‎forums and seminars, and matchmaking of various innovations will be held to enhance the collaboration of exhibitors and visitors to form a perfect industrial chain.

Located in Lund, Sweden, Oppornet has reached an agreement with CMC, to launch a nanomedicine pavilion‎ at CIME exhibition. International pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and life science companies, as well as SMEs and experts, have been invited to showcase their achievements. Active companies in such areas can benefit from extra special Tech to Market services for attending the pavilion. Moreover, the Oppornet China (located in Suzhou) will provide extra special services for European technology providers and Chinese investors in terms of marketing and matchmaking before the exhibition together with reaching agreement and signing contract after the event within a secure way.

To find out more about the registration table in the pavilion and matchmaking event, contact us.