Enhance Track and NanoMalaysia Develop Nation’s First Nanotech Wireless Charger

Enhance Track and NanoMalaysia Develop Nation’s First Nanotech Wireless Charger

Enhance Track, one of NanoMalaysia Berhad’s (NMB) technology partners in the drive for the commercialisation of nanotechnology – has successfully completed a working prototype of a Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Mobile Phone Charger, known as METT (Malaysian Energy Transmission Technology).

It is the first of its kind in Malaysia and allows remote contactless non-inductive charging over a range of a few metres and has the ability to power 5V-based mobile devices – eliminating the need for messy power cords and battery replacements.

To put it simply, with this system in place, one could walk into any zone with wifi and their phone would automatically charge.

Benedict Foo, Managing Director of Enhance Track, said, “Everyone today has a cellular phone and whether for business or personal purposes, they need an efficient way of charging their devices without being tethered to a wall. Now, there is a system where you will have true wireless cellular phone charging that can provide you with pure mobility and the market demand has been incredible.”

This game-changing technology was developed under the National Graphene Action Plan (NGAP) of NMB, which focuses on developing graphene-based technology by collaborating with Malaysian industries and universities.

Last year, NanoMalaysia Berhad Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad shared at the NanoSummit Malaysia Conference & Expo (MyNano 2019) that in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution, the focus of NGAP 2019 would be on a wireless charging system and radio-frequency identification (RFID) – therefore, marking this product as an important milestone in the commercialisation of nanotechnology.

“NanoMalaysia had pre-identified a remote wireless charger as one of few near-term game changers. Using our unique venture-builder model, the technology was co-ideated and developed with Enhance Track via product development and scale-up projects funding,” Rezal said.

Pushing the product to the market will be done on a smart partnership basis connecting with commercial up-takers. The wireless charger, with wide potential applications in the digital economy sector, is an excellent success story for the country’s nanotechnology commercialisation agenda thus, providing a launching pad for other relevant nanotechnology solutions aligning to Malaysia’s 4th Industrial Revolution aspirations.

Currently, METT is undergoing final optimisation and improvement before it is expected the enter the market by mid-2021. Once it does, not only will it revolutionise the market, but it is forecasted to generate a revenue of close to RM1.9 billion and create up to 2,800 job opportunities – driving home the importance of the role nanotechnology has to play in not just providing solutions to everyday problems, but in stimulating the economy as well moving forward.


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