"2020’s Top Nanotechnologies for Life" Related Survey Outcome


According to 62 percent of StatNano client’s agreement in votes, "Novel Nanoparticle that Can Efficiently and Selectively Kill Cancer Cells " is the final choice as the most impressive worldwide nanotechnology contribution to life quality in 2020.

Backing 2021 January, StatNano has been taking up a new survey discussing the most remarkable nanotechnology events and achievements of 2020 and their probable social and scientific affections.

Additionally, aforementioned subjects have been chosen noting the nano news, articles of credible journals, technology development reports, and brand-new products news which were actually published in 2020 prepending topics of non-focused distinct fields.

Based on noted investigations, ten subjects got evaluated to have considerable functional potentials which may lead to serious affections on common welfare and general life quality.

These topics became clarified and available in StatNano sites and other social networks during one month as the voting options (a survey with the limitation of three possible choices for every client) to be introduced as the most important events of the nanotechnology field.

The ultimate conclusion of analyzing international participants' selections indicates that the fourth mentioned topic known as "Novel Nanoparticle that Can Efficiently and Selectively Kill Cancer Cells " was the most noteworthy item while others had been having almost equal votes from clients.

In more details, this report in Chem Journal which is performed by a chemistry scientists group at LUM University guided by Dr. Constantin von Schirnding, Dr. Hanna Engelke, and Prof. Thomas Bein states a selective remedy using calcium phosphate-citrate nanoparticles coated by lipids with the ability to be fatal for cancerous cell and nontoxic to healthy ones at the same time.

It should be pointed that unexpectedly coronavirus-pandemic-relevant selections were not given much attention in this competition. As an example, mRNA-based vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna got to be 26 percent voted which make us conclude for a pessimistic vision about these vaccines and their functional probable affection among participants.

Finally, the subject related to "atomic-scale cavities" had the lowest vote number (17 percent). Further descriptions are available according to the following chart showing the vote contributions of the considered topics published in 2020.


"2020’s top nanotechnologies for life" related survey outcome

"2020’s top nanotechnologies for life" related survey outcome.



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2020’s Top Nanotechnologies for Life