Nanobrick Introduces World’s First Color E-paper Film Using Nanotechnology

Nanobrick Introduces World’s First Color E-paper Film Using Nanotechnology

Nanobrick announced they have been able to develop a full color e-paper film using photonic crystals, the South Korean publication, Asiae reported. The company that specializes in developing advanced materials using nano particles said they achieved the feat through extensive modifications of the nanomaterials as well as process improvements which led to the development of color tunable films, something that they claim is a first in the world.

Nanobrick said they are hoping the development will spur the rapid commercialization of full-color e-paper. A company official said, “E-paper has been commercialized by global companies through large-scale investments for decades, but currently only EIH (E Ink Holdings Inc.) is a high-level technology that has succeeded in commercializing it.”

The official further added, “While a complex pattern process and a driving board are required to realize colors through the film, our original technology realizes full color only by adjusting the spacing between nanoparticles, enabling color change with the film itself.”

The company also stated they are in the process of developing and commercializing new functional materials based on the new nano platform they have produced. Joo Jae-hyeon, CEO of Nanobrick said, “We want to create a new emotional display (E-skin) market, such as electronic product cases that change colors according to user preferences or external environments, by taking advantage of the strengths of our products.”

More details are awaited, which includes how soon we can expect the new color e-paper display to make it to e-readers or tablets devices that we can buy. Stay tuned.

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