Registration for Iran’s 13th International Nanotechnology Exhibition Has been Started

Registration for Iran’s 13th International Nanotechnology Exhibition Has been Started

Registration of applicants to attend Iran’s 13th Nanotechnology Exhibition (IRANNANO 2022) has started. This exhibition will be held from October 1 to 4, 2022 at Tehran’s permanent International Exhibition Center.

The 13th Nanotechnology Exhibition is an international event where the latest achievements and developments in the field of nanotechnology will be open to public view. The twelfth festival was accompanied by significant changes compared to the previous years, among which we could refer to introduction of new programs as well as more exhibition spaces. This year’s exhibition is hoped to continue the same trend.

The participants in this nanotechnology festival will include companies active in sectors such as equipment manufacturing, automobile, water and environment, health and hygiene, construction, agriculture, packaging, nanomaterials, textiles, oil and related industries, commerce, consulting services and technology service brokers. The international sector will be juxtaposed with laboratories, universities and research institutes, science and technology parks, incubators, and promotional institutions such as academic associations and educational companies.

Concurrent with the exhibition, we will witness different events as well. The events will include specialized meetings, workshops on various topics, and discussions in the field of commercialization for companies active in the nano field to present and introduce nano products as well as technology under a program entitled the NanoGap.

The NanoMatch booth will also deal with projects ready for investment in the field of nanotechnology.

The Technology Exchange Network will be another part of this exhibition. This network was formed with the aim of meeting industrial needs by relying on domestic technologies, innovation and technology challenges aiming to tackle technological problems using an innovative approach, and calls for them.

Nanotechnology expansion and promotion entities, brokers specialized in the commercialization and export of knowledge-based products, and support funds for knowledge-based are among the other parts of this exhibition.

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