Investing Big in Graphenest: Portuguese Nanotechnology Company Raises 1.8€ Million for Graphene-based Innovations

Investing Big in Graphenest: Portuguese Nanotechnology Company Raises 1.8€ Million for Graphene-based Innovations

Graphenest, a Portuguese nanotechnology company and Graphene Flagship Associated Member, announced that it has raised 1.8€ million in funding to scale up its graphene cleantech production and its commercial business development.

Graphenest is a leading technology provider of innovative electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions for the electronics and automotive industries.

The funding was led by Ged Ventures and Portugal Ventures, who recognised the disruptive potential of Graphenest’s graphene-based EMI shielding solutions.

"We are thrilled to have the support of our investors as we continue to grow and scale our business," said Vitor Abrantes, CEO of Graphenest.

"This funding will enable us to expand our production capabilities and offer our customers even more innovative solutions for their EMI shielding needs."

Graphenest’s graphene-based EMI shielding solutions offer several benefits over traditional metal systems, including superior shielding effectiveness, ultralightweight, and production cost reduction.

These solutions are ideal for a wide range of 5G/6G applications, including cables and wires; batteries and electronics housings; printable electronics for Radar and LiDAR; and other critical components.

"We are excited to support Graphenest as they continue to innovate in the EMI shielding space," said one of the lead investors.

"Their use of graphene represents a significant breakthrough in this field, and we believe they have a bright future ahead."

With this funding, Graphenest plans to expand its production capabilities and accelerate growth toward a circular economy, by expanding its portfolio of products and strategic partnerships with the industry’s value chain.

Indeed, the company is committed to delivering high-performance shielding products using graphene-based solutions that can enable customers to replace metals that are dense, rigid, and energy and resource-intensive. In this sense, Graphenest’s work is not only innovative, but also sustainable – which forms another good reason to celebrate this funding milestone.

Kari Hjelt, the Graphene Flagship’s Head of Innovation, also praised the mission and work of Graphenest.

“Graphenest is noteworthy for how it seeks to bring sustainable graphene-based shielding solutions and technology to everyday products,” explained Hjelt.

“Such work is prescient. Graphene has a significant role to play in economies and societies of the future: it has applications in transport, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, health, electronics, and various other sectors.

“Companies like Graphenest are expanding our understanding of graphene’s uses. This new financial investment in their work enables them to accelerate their efforts to scale up their operations. The investment is yet another great example of graphene moving from research to factory floor and showing its commercial potential.”

The future looks bright for Graphenest’s work and for graphene research and industry more widely.


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