Questionnaire on Nanotechnology Statistics and Resources

Questionnaire on Nanotechnology Statistics and Resources


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What information do you need in the field of nanotechnology?

     Nanotechnology deals with a wide range of companies, policymakers, researchers, and academic staff who require various information and data in different formats. Some of them seek accurate and reliable reports in details while some other look for raw data for various analysis.

     As a pioneer and expertise website in the field of data processing and statistics in nanotechnology, StatNano organizes an international survey in order to detect and organize priorities of the data required by nanotechnology active experts.

     StatNano has five years of successful experience in data gathering and processing in the field of nanotechnology, and it has provided nanotechnology experts with various services. Now, the website is going to organize a comprehensive survey in order to improve the quality of its new services. The survey includes the type and the format of information and data required by the users, and also different services sought by nanotechnology experts according to their priorities.

The survey is available at here.