Norway Policy Document

Work Programme NANOMAT; Nanotechnology and New Materials, Nanoscience and Integration 2007 - 2016
Norway shall be a leading research nation in selected fields of nanoscience, nanotechnology and new materials. NANOMAT shall lay the foundations for a new, knowledge-based and research-intensive industrial sector and facilitate a sustainable renewal of established Norwegian industry.
Priority sector Energy and the Environment
Priority sector ICT and Microsystems
Priority sector Health and Biotechnology
Priority sector Ocean and Food
R & D focus Materials
R & D focus Interface/surface Science and Catalysis
R & D focus Fundamental Physical and Chemical Phenomena and Processes at the Nanometre Scale
R & D focus Components, Systems and Complex Processes on the Basis of N&N
R & D focus Ethical, Legal and Societal aspects
R & D focus Synthesis, Manipulation and Fabrication; Characterisation; Theory and Modelling