Finland Policy Document

FinNano, Nanotechnology Program 2005 - 2010
FinNano programme will strengthen Finland's position as an innovative high-tech country, Commercialisation of nanotechnology-enabled innovations will increase the welfare of our society
To make Finnish research organisations into internationally attractive partners and to make us one of Europe's best nanotechnology developers and appliers in the areas of our choice. The programme facilitates transfer of nanotechnology to existing enterprises and ensures that Finland's competitiveness in this domain is reinforced and grows to become internationally attractive for new business activity.
Priority sector Electronics
Priority sector Forest Cluster
Priority sector Health and Well-being
Priority sector Environment
Priority sector Safety
Priority sector Renewal of Industry Clusters and Production
R & D focus Innovative Nanostructure Materials
R & D focus Nanosensors and Nanoactuators
R & D focus New Nanoelectronics Solutions
R & D focus Nanostructured and Functional Materials
R & D focus Coatings and Devices
R & D focus Measurement Methods
R & D focus Production and Scalability