Nanotechnologies -- Vocabulary -- Part 4: Nanostructured materials

Standard Number NTP/ET-ISO/TS 80004-4:2017
Organization Instituto Nacional de Calidad Peru
Level National
Category Terminology | Vocabulary | Definition
  • AUG 2017 Published
This Standard expresses the terms and definitions for materials in the field of nanotechnologies, where one or more components are found in nanoscale regions and the materials exhibit properties attributable to the presence of those nanoscale regions. Its objective is to facilitate communication between organizations and individuals in the industry and those that interact with them.The materials have topographic characteristics or nanoscale composition, but this is not enough to classify the material as nanostructured. Materials classified as nanostructured have an internal or superficial structure with a significant fraction of the characteristics, grains, holes or nanoscale precipitates.