Nanotechnologies Vocabulary. Part 7: Diagnosis and therapeutic for health

Standard Number ETP-ISO / TS 80004-7: 2018
Organization Instituto Nacional de Calidad Peru
Level National
Category Terminology | Vocabulary | Definition
  • MAY 2018 Published
This part of ISO / TS 80004 is applicable to the use of nanotechnologies in medical diagnoses and therapies. Terms related to the applications of nanotechnology in health care could also be discussed in other parts of ISO / TS 80004 and in other documents. Terms related to the exploitation of the characteristics of nanoscale materials for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in relation to human diseases fall within the scope of this part of ISO / TS 80004. The nanoscale properties may be incorporated into materials containing elements to Nanoscale, or they themselves are in nanoscale dimensions. This part of ISO / TS 80004 does not address: - terms related to the biological consequences of a nanomaterial, regardless of the original purpose of the nanomaterial; or - terminology that describes the consequences for health, safety and the environment. This part of ISO / TS 80004 provides consistent and unambiguous use of the terms for health professionals, manufacturers, consumers, technologists, patent agents, regulators, NGOs and researchers, among others.