Nanomanufacturing — Key control characteristics — Part 2-1: Carbon nanotube materials — Film resistance

Standard Number KS C IEC TS 62607-2-1
Organization Korean Agency for Technology and Standards South Korea
Level National
Category Specification
  • MAY 2017 Published
This standard provides a standard method for classifying carbon nanotubes in terms of their electrical properties so that users of carbon nanotube materials can select carbon nanotube materials for their application. This method is to evaluate whether the carbon nanotube materials produced from the same batch but from different batches exhibit the same electrical properties in the final product. The correlation between the variables measured by the method presented in this standard and the associated product performance variables should be established for all applications. This standard provides: a) Definitions of terms b) Sample preparation c) Experimental procedure for measuring film sheet resistance of film-type carbon nanotubes d) Data analysis and interpretation of results e) Research examples f) References