Nanotechnology Global Market Reports; Research and Industry

Nanotechnology Global Market Reports; Research and Industry

Nanowerk has compiled the by far most extensive nanotechnology market database to date with more than 4200 entries.

In a new, free Global Nanotechnology Markets section, users can now easily get comprehensive overviews of nanotechnology organizations in the 40 leading countries. For further convenience, the U.S. market can be accessed state by state.

The nanotechnology market reports consist of two large areas: commercial and research community.


This section includes companies involved in various areas of nanotechnologies or supporting nanotechnology companies. It is further segmented into four areas:

– Raw materials

– Biomedicine & life sciences

– Products, applications, instruments & technologies

– Services, intermediaries & others

Each category is made up of several sub-categories to provide a detailed breakdown into a relevant industry structure. For instance, the main category products, applications, and instruments consists of these eight sub-categories;

Analysis: microscopes, tips, probes, material analysis, analytical instrumentation, imaging systems, metrology

Materials: nano-enhanced and -enabled materials (composites, fillers, lubricants, filters, textiles, gels, polymers, catalysts, coatings and surface treatments, thin films, resins, gels, membranes, fluids)

Electronics: electronic components and devices

Energy: energy generation (incl. solar, fuel cell) and storage/batteries, lighting

Instruments: process and assembly equipment (manipulators, positioning systems), synthesis, lithography, deposition systems, analyzers, process control, chromatographs, FIB, homogenizers/mixers, cantilevers, imprint templates

Products: nano-enhanced and -enabled products, components, devices

Software: analytical and modeling software

Technology: material technologies and engineering, synthesis and process technology, prototyping, custom engineering services

Research Community

This section includes labs and research initiatives. It is further segmented into four areas:

– University departments, labs, and research groups

– Government, industry, and private laboratories

– National and international initiatives and networks

– Associations and societies

While the market reports list all organizations as a list, the Nanotechnology Company and Labs directory can be searched alphabetically, by country, or in the case of companies, by various product groups.

This is the latest directory offering from Nanowerk and, like all other Nanowerk databases and directories, the Global Nanotechnology Markets reports are freely accessible on the Nanowerk website.

The Global Nanotechnology Markets database is continuously being updated. If we missed an organization, please let us know.

Source: Nanowerk



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