Statnano Establishes Publications Section

Statnano Establishes Publications Section

Statnano established a publications service to publish analytical reports in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology obtained from its databank.

StatNano aims to publish a wide range of reports and articles in this section to facilitate the classification of data for scientometrics researchers, evaluate nanoscience and nanotechnology in the world in difference indices annually, present applicable reports to nanotechnology researchers and help international policy-makers in the field of nanotechnology.

The most important issues that will be gradually published in this section are as follows:

Annual reports and country ranks in scientific publications;

Annual reports on number of nanotechnology related patents in the world;

Reports on nanotechnology in different countries;

Reports based on patent analysis in the application of nanotechnology in various industries;

Reports on nanotechnology products in the market.

The two following reports have so far been published in this section and other articles and reports will be added to this section based on the time table:

- Patents of Large Pharmaceutical Enterprises in the Field of Nanotechnology

- Spotlight on Graphene Research from the Middle East

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