StatNano Sets Up Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD)

StatNano Sets Up Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD)

Given the large number of nanotechnology products used in various industries, the StatNano has created a new database to gather information about them.

     The development of novel technologies has resulted in the presentation of new products to markets all over the world with improved and modified properties and applications. As a novel technology, nanotechnology has found its place in various industries, and numerous nanotechnology products have so far been presented to markets.
     Given the large number of nanotechnology products used in various industries, StatNano has created a new database to gather information about these products. The new database, entitled Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD) was founded in January 2016 to become a reliable and credible source for identification and analysis of the nanotechnology products in the global market.
     Mission of the database is to collect, analyze and publish information about products, which according to their manufacturer’s claim and the verification of StatNano experts, have utilized nanotechnology to better the performance and properties of their products. The verification has been done on the basis of definitions of nanotechnology and nanotechnology products, published in the two international ISO standards under the numbers “ISO/TS 80004-1:2015” and “ISO/TS 18110:2015”.
     Among the achievements of NPD, mention can be made of:

1- Monitoring the commercialization of nanotechnology in various industries, thus providing a basis for the decision making of investors in various industries.

2- Providing manufacturers with information about the present situation in the market of nanotechnology products in different industries and the situation of their competitors. It can also introduce to the industrialists varied applications of nanotechnology in their field of business.

3- Guiding researchers to attain a better understanding of applications and characteristics that various nanomaterials have created in the products in the market. The understanding can help researches to formulate their future researches.

4- Providing policymakers with information, including the development of the market for nanotechnology in different industries and countries to devise more effective policies and programs for them.


     The following information is available for each nanotechnology product in NPD:

- Brand that has been presented in the market plus the properties of the manufacturer and industry;

- Product’s aspects that have been enhanced by nanotechnology;

- Nanomaterials used in the product and their specifications;

- Certificates and approvals obtained by the manufacturer of the product.


     NPD also provides the visitors with various analyses on nanomaterials used in products, development of nanotechnology products in industrial subdivisions in each country, the leading manufacturers that produce nanotechnology products in various industries, properties and applications of nanotechnology products in various industries and specific properties and applications of nanomaterials used in nanotechnology products in industries and industrial subdivisions.

     NPD has so far gathered information about 3,509 individual nanotechnology products made by 561 companies in 44 countries in various industrial divisions such as automotive, construction, cosmetics, electronics, home appliance, petroleum, sports and fitness, textile and water and wastewater. NPD is an interactive online database that updates the list of nanotechnology products on a daily basis and enables the visitors to submit new nanotechnology products to the database.

NPD is now available at