Nanotechnology Products in Agriculture and Food Industries; Latest Update on NPD

Nanotechnology Products in Agriculture and Food Industries; Latest Update on NPD

A sum total of 472 nanotechnology products in agriculture and food industries have been added to Nanotechnology Products Database (NPD) as the latest update of the database. At present, NPD demonstrates information and statistical data about nanotechnology products in 12 industrial sectors.

     As the newest database of StatNano, NPD displays a number of about 5600 nanotechnology products in various industrial sectors. Agriculture and food are the two new industrial sectors added to the database besides the existing industrial sectors automotive, construction, cosmetics, electronics, home appliance, medicine, petroleum, sports and fitness, textile, and water and wastewater. A number of 263 and 209 nanotechnology products have been identified and added to NPD in food and agriculture industries respectively in August 2016.
     According to NPD, there are 209 nanotechnology products in agriculture industry produced by 29 companies from 14 countries. The products have been classified in the following industrial subsectors: animal husbandry, fertilizers, plant growth regulation, plant protection, and soil improvement.
     Beverages, chocolate, meal, packaging, sports nutrition, supplements, and tobacco are the categories in which 263 nanotechnology products in food industry have been classified. 70 individual companies have produced these products from 16 countries.
     It must be pointed out that in addition to general information about products, NPD provides valuable information about properties and applications, nanomaterials used in the products, producing companies and countries, and certificates obtained by products on its website. The database also displays statistical data in forms of charts on the number of products, companies, and countries, most commonly used nanomaterials in each industrial sector and subsector, and etc.