Statista, Rich Source of Information for Both Industry and Research

Statista, Rich Source of Information for Both Industry and Research

The German company Statista is a seller of information, and industrial and technological reports. The company provides its customers with market information, trends, and future prediction. Although some information and reports have already been prepared, and they are available by buying the company’s account.

     At present, various institutes and companies provide information and the industrial and technological statistics in the world, and Statista is one of the active companies in this field. Founded in 2008, the German company has a staff of more than 250 experts and analysts in various fields, and by benefitting from the experiences of those groups, it provides information and data in a creative manner. The company provides its products for all users including university professors and the private sector. Some consulting firms and media purchase the service license of the firm, although business firms and research institutes are among Statista’s customers too.

     In order to produce some reports which have been ordered by the customers, a close interaction is created between Statista experts and the firm’s researchers. Therefore, the main policy of the company can be defined as close interaction with the customers to reach their desired outcome.

     Statista has divided its activities into 21 various sections to facilitate its work and to allow the customers to access directly their needed information. In fact, Statista’s interaction does not include the sales of reports only, and it produces material and information and paves the way for the customers to access the information.

     The access to some data in Statista is free for everyone, but an account must be purchased to reach some special data. In addition to selling reports, the sale of accounts to reach data is another source of income for Statista.

     Reports on market research, scientific journals, industrial reports, and state databanks are among the information sources of Statista. By studying these sources and analyzing data, this company produces reliable reports.


Categorization of data in Statista is done in the following way:


    1-Statistics: Users can access more than 1000 statistical data in this section through choosing the subject according to the website’s classification, and then entering the related page. The statistics can be accessed free, but in order to receive more detailed statistics and in case the users want to receive files in Excel or PDF formats, they must purchase an account.

     2-Dossiers: Quick reports that can be updated can be accessed here by choosing a specific industrial field. Statista has classified different subjects in a way that the general subject (e.g. telecommunications) is seen and then the secondary subject (e.g. data saving) can be reached in the same category. By entering every secondary subject, the topics are shown and to receive the file, one must purchase Statista account.

     3-Industrial reports: The way to see and receive information in this section is similar to Dossiers Section. Statista has prepared reports for different industrial fields that contain trends, strong and weak points together with statistical data.

     4-Research and Analysis: In this section, there are reports on market analysis, firms, and different important issues. For example, one can order the market volume, structural information of a market, the contenders’ information, and strong firms in every field. Statista can create a list of customers of the target firms in a specific subject. Business owners can ask Statista to extract and monitor continually the current trends in the market and the pioneer brands. In addition, there is the possibility to predict and provide estimated models for the future of a technology or market.

     At present, Statista provides active institutes and companies all over the world with various services with its 1.8 million users.