Industry and Market: Report Providers and Publishers

Industry and Market: Report Providers and Publishers

Reports on industry and market are one of the rich sources of information to analyze the market of a technology and its trends. A number of firms that are active in this field will be introduced here.

Reports on industry and market are among the important sources to analyze the trend of the development of a technology and prediction of the market for the future. Many researchers and business owners purchase and use these reports. If we search the reliable centers that provide market reports, we come across Market Research as the main center for the selling of market reports in the world. After searching nanotechnology reports in this website for the past few years, six centers for the publication of the market report are chosen. Each of the centers has a specific method to publish the industry market analytical report. The six centers will be introduced briefly here.




1- Mordor Intelligence: This company is active in the field of research and market reports and consultation for the development of businesses on the basis of the principles and precise analysis of the market and has so far published more than 5000 reports in 13 industrial fields. Its main office is located in India and it has representatives all over the world. One of the characteristics of the reports by this center is the study and analysis of the market in one technology in different countries in a way that various reports - categorized according to the country - are published, and specific information about the number of companies and industrial centers in that field, the trend of technology market growth, introduction of new products in the technology market, and the specifications of the producer of that technology in that country are analyzed. Another feature in this website’s publications is the provision of information about the volume of the market and the rate of the product’s market growth in the report’s abstract. This part of the report is usually accessible free and can be useful in the general analysis of the product’s market in a specific field.

2- MarketsandMarkets:
This company holds the 2nd rank in the annual publication of market reports in the world. The main office is located in India and it provides consultation services for 1700 entrepreneurs every year. It is one of the prominent providers of market reports in the world and by contacting more than 200,000 markets, achieves a precise assessment of the market volume and the prediction of the niche market.

3- BBC Research:
This company publishes more than 250 market reports every year. The reports include a 5-year prediction of the new technologies market with statistical information and analytical information of the market, applications, industrial structure, main actors, market share, industry dynamism, technology, and technology shift, and the international development in relation to that market.

4- Global Industry Analysts:
This company was founded in 1987 in the field of medical industries research, and after 28 years, it covers more than 180 important industries in the world now. It publishes more than 10,000 industrial reports about 100 industries in 100 countries. Market reports published by this company introduce all main markets of the desired technology in different parts of the world with details on the products, industries, technologies, consumers, and firms. This company is the only center that publishes its reports in a multilingual form.

5- GlobalData:
This company is a center for providing consultation in the fields of ‘energy’ and ‘hygiene and treatment’, and by benefitting from the expertise of more than 1000 researchers, market analysts, and advisors, it displays a clear view of the industry and market. Consultative reports and activities of the company in the field of hygiene and treatment deal with the study of biotechnology, medical equipment, and medicines, and in the field of energy, it deals with oil and gas industry and the creation of resources. Market reports of this center usually have two formats. They either introduce a company and explain its products and its assembly line or explain the market of a specific product.

6- QYReserachReports:
This center was founded in China in 2007 and it is a reliable source of market reports about customers including credible Chinese firms, multinational companies, and reliable private companies. This center provides its customers with all information that is needed to create a specific market in China, and its reports focus mainly on the Chinese market. The reports usually contain analysis of the market growth, overview of the main contenders in the market, specifications of the active companies, and the key points of the technology market. Databank of the center is updated every day so that the customers have access to the latest perspective of a specific market in China.

Thematic analysis of the reports published by this company shows that most of reports have been about nanomaterials and nanopowders, and nanosensors rank next with a considerable difference, indicating that nanomaterials and nanopowders are more important in the industry than other sections. The place of graphene and carbon nanotubes among the top five topics with regard to the number of reports show the importance of these two nanostructures for the industrial section.




In addition to the abovementioned institutes and companies, numerous centers provide industry and market reports. Cientifica is one of the companies, which provides industrial reports in the new technologies section. This company provides consultation for the firms that are active in the field of new technologies as well. Therefore, it can be assumed that this company has a profound knowledge of market policies, investment risks, and the management of investment projects. N-tech Research is active in providing reports too and has numerous reports on market prediction. Among the nanotechnology reports of this company, mention can be made of the application of various nanomaterials in the industry. In fact, this company tries to study the impact of nanomaterials in different industries in an applied way.