Top Nanotechnology Journals According to SCImagoJr

Top Nanotechnology Journals According to SCImagoJr

Studies on journals that publish nanotechnology articles show that Nature Nanotechnology ranks first in this area.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a statistical website about scientific indicators for journals and countries, which has been developed based on Scopus Databank. Some indicators have been defined on this website in order to evaluate and rank journals. Scientific journals have been classified in 27 categories according to the scopes of the journals on this website. Nanoscience and nanotechnology is one of the categories. Citations data is obtained from 5000 international publishers to be used in the indicators. Algorithms used in Google have been employed in some parts of the ranking process.



This website has announced top journals in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology according to an indicator entitled SJR. This indicator shows the effectiveness and prestige of a journal based on average citations to other articles in the past three years. Other indicators such as H-Index have been calculated in this ranking too.


No Journal SJR H Index Articles
1 Nature Nanotechnology 20.61 263 230
2 Advanced Materials 10.58 412 1383
3 Nano Letters 7.45 403 1129
4 ACS Nano 7.20 277 1360
5 Nano Today 7.19 109 49
6 Advanced Functional Materials 5.62 247 895
7 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4.67 137 973


According to the evaluation, Nature Nanotechnology ranks first with an SJR value of 20.61 while Advanced Materials ranks second with a great difference in SJR value of 10.58. According to H-Index indicator, Advanced Materials has the highest value among nanotechnology journals on this website by having a value of 412.

Nano Letters possesses the third rank with an SJR value of 7.45 and H-Index value of 403. This journal ranks second in H-Index value after Advanced Materials. Since Nature Nanotechnology is a specific journal, it publishes a small number of articles and it has the least number of articles in 2017 among the top 10 journals in the field of nanotechnology. Among top 10 journals in the field of nanotechnology, there are 5 journals that use the term “nano” in the title of the journal, and they put limitation on publishing articles in other fields of science and technology except for nanotechnology. Therefore, the number of articles published in those journals is less than that in other journals in a year.

ACS Nano is the fourth journal in this ranking with an SJR value of 7.20. By having an H-Index value of 277 and publishing 1360 articles in 2017. Taking into consideration the fact that this journal is a specialized one focusing on nanotechnology, the number of articles shows the high attraction of this journal to publish articles. Nano Today is on the fifth position in this ranking, with an SJR value of 7.19. By publishing 49 articles, this journal has published the lowest number of articles in 2017 among the top 10 journals.

Studies show that the United States has 4 publishers while the United Kingdom has 3 among the top 10 nanotechnology journals. China is the only publisher in Asia with Nano Research, which ranks 10th.


It must be pointed out that the classification and ranking is not without errors. As it was mentioned before, the classification has been carried out based on the scope announced by the journals. Taking into consideration the overlap between various disciplines and the multidisciplinary nature of some fields such as nanotechnology, one cannot claim that all articles published in Nanotechnology Category are necessary related to nanotechnology. In additions, there are numerous journals whose scopes do not include nanotechnology but they publish more nanotechnology articles than journals in Nanotechnology Category on the website. Another important point is contrary to other similar websites such as Journal Citation Report, Eigenfactor, which is an important parameter in the evaluation of scientific journals, has not been taken into consideration.