Using Nanotechnology for Treatment of Oil-containing Sludge

Using Nanotechnology for Treatment of Oil-containing Sludge

Directa Plus has drawn up a contract with an international oil and gas company to exploit nanotechnology in treating hydrocarbon sludge. Grayfysorber technology improves the production process and reduces costs. This technology is at least five times more efficient than current counterparts and adsorbs more than 100 times of its own weight of oil-based pollutants. This sustainable product is non-flammable and reusable.

Graphene specialist Directa Plus PLC told investors it has landed a contract to treat and recover crude oil from producing wells onshore Europe. The supply and services contract envisages the use of the company’s Grafysorber technology in the treatment of several thousand cubic meters of sludges and by-products. It has been valued at €150,000.

Directa Plus said it will provide a full service to the customer, an international oil and gas company, via a mobile treatment unit and it will operate the recovery process. It is expected that the application of the Grafysorber technology will both improve the production process and potentially reduce costs.

"Our commercialisation strategy for the key environmental sector is based on providing international oil and gas customers with a complete environmental solution and service based on our patented Grafysorber technology,” said Giulio Cesareo, Directa Plus chief executive.

"I am pleased that we can today announce the first of what we hope will be a growing number of supply and service contracts with oil and gas producers as we seek to expand this business regionally and then globally."

The proprietary Grafysorber technology is described as a commercially-available graphene-based solution for treating water contaminated by hydrocarbons. Directa Plus highlighted that it is at least five times more effective than current technologies, adsorbing more than 100 times its own weight of oil-based pollutants. It is sustainably produced, non-flammable and reusable.


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