Industrial Graphene Admixture to Improve Concrete Performance

Industrial Graphene Admixture to Improve Concrete Performance

GrapheneCA Company has introduced a novel admixture to reduce cracking and improve strength in concrete structures. This graphene-based compound is compatible with all water-based mortar which can lead to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions through optimizing cement mixtures.

Nano Graphene, dba GrapheneCA, is presenting Original Graphene (OG) as the first commercially available admixture series in its class, formulated to reduce cracking and increase strength in finished concrete slabs or structures. Liquid black with minimum 30 percent graphene content, the inaugural OG offerings are Concrete Admix Plus, 4.5-lb. plastic containers; Aqueous Graph2Dispersion, 1-, 4-, 10- or 18-liter containers; and, Aqueous Graph2Paste in 1-liter containers.

“OG is one of many graphene-based applications that will have a strong impact on the construction industry,” notes GrapheneCA Head of Business Development David Robles, who underscores the admixture’s compatibility with all water-based mortar and potential for cost-effective delivery of improved concrete performance plus net carbon dioxide emissions reduction through cement-optimized mix designs.

GrapheneCA’s commitment to industrial-scale graphene production, starting with a New York facility, has led to the development of flakes, the key OG series ingredient, plus composites, coatings, epoxies and resins. The admixture commercialization closely follows the company’s recent announcement of a mobile production process in partnership with Russian 3D printer developer Apis Cor. OG Concrete Admix products are available through GrapheneCA website.


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