Integrating Drug Delivery Nanosystems to Develop Gene Therapy Platform

Integrating Drug Delivery Nanosystems to Develop Gene Therapy Platform

AskBio has acquired RoverMed BioSciences’ nanotechnology-based drug delivery system to develop its gene therapy platform. RoverMed's nanocapsule technology carries molecules into the nuclei of the targeted cells, which can provide remarkable efficiency and precision targeting. According to the agreement, AskBio will integrate the technology and assume all the assets of RoverMed.

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. (AskBio), a fully integrated Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) gene therapy platform company focused on providing curative therapeutics for genetic disorders, has acquired the technology assets of RoverMed BioSciences. RoverMed developed nanotechnology cargo delivery of therapeutics into the nucleus of diseased cells without affecting healthy cells. Under the terms of the agreement, AskBio will integrate the company's technology and assume all assets of RoverMed.

Consistent with AskBio's focus on meeting the challenges of gene therapy head-on, RoverMed's nanocapsule technology carries large or small molecules, naked DNA and/or viral particles across biological barriers and into the nuclei of the targeted cells, no matter where they are located in the body. This non-viral nanotechnology can potentially achieve unequalled delivery efficiency and precision targeting, as well as repeat administration to reach and treat diseases from inside the cell.

"The addition of RoverMed technology provides us with another means for delivering therapeutic molecules, including large or small molecules, to increase stability and specificity and could enable entire new tissues and diseases to be reachable," said Sheila Mikhail, CEO of AskBio. "We continue to explore new technologies and expand therapeutic innovation to ensure that effective gene therapies for genetic disorders can be accessible to patients in need across the globe without limits."

AskBio's integrated gene therapy platform includes an expansive capsid library, scaled Pro10™ manufacturing and new delivery methods to accelerate and lower the cost of end-to-end gene therapy processes and support its portfolio of curative therapeutics.


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