A Strategic Partnership between PV Nano Cell and Hyper Marketing

A Strategic Partnership between PV Nano Cell and Hyper Marketing

PV Nano Cell Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative conductive inks for solar photovoltaics and printed electronics applications. Aimed at distributing and selling its solutions, printers, and Sicrys™ inks in Japan, the company has recently signed an agreement with Hyper Marketing Inc., which is a Japan-based company offering printing solutions for laser and inkjet printers. Under the agreement, the two companies are to provide complete digital printing solutions along with the best professional support for new Japanese customers.

PV Nano Cell Ltd., an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, and Hyper Marketing Inc., a leading printing solution provider, announced they have started a cooperation to distribute and sell PV Nano Cell solutions, printers and Sicrys™ inks in Japan. This new business cooperation is a significant step for PV Nano Cell to expand its current presence in the promising Far East.

PV Nano Cell is the developer of the state-of-the-art Sicrys™ conductive inks based on single crystal nano-particles of silver and copper. The company has designed & implemented a complete solution approach that allows customers to fully realize the potential of inkjet based electronics printing for mass production applications. The company’s solutions include the inks, printers and printing process.

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, “I have recently returned from a very successful business trip in Japan. During the trip, Mr. Masayuki Tani, CEO of Hyper Marketing Inc., and I met with leading & promising customers and potential partners. Both Mr. Tani and I are convinced PV Nano Cell's Complete Solution can offer unparalleled value for Japanese customers and expect substantial business in the near future. Furthermore, Mr. Tani and Mr. Nagano, Director of Technology, have recently visited us in our HQ in Israel. During the visit we provided our Japanese partners with in-depth, detailed training on our technology, value proposition and market strategy. This new partnership, with Hyper Marketing’s high quality and energetic team will provide PV Nano Cell a strategic arm in a strategic market such as Japan.”

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Hanan Markovich commented, “This new partnership with Hyper Marketing Inc. allows PV Nano Cell to better penetrate the Japanese advanced manufacturing market. Having a local, business and technical partner is necessary in order to provide the level and speed of support customers are requiring. Having spent time with our partners I'm confident together we can offer the most competitive package to new Japanese customers: complete digital printing solution, best cost-performance and local, professional support.”

Hyper Marketing Inc. CEO, Mr. Tani commented, “The all in one solution in the metal ink field by PV Nano Cell will bring the timely solution for the Japanese industry that needs flexible volume production using precise conductive components for finished products. PV Nano Cell solutions allow customers to have a tool-less mass production.”


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