C-Bond Nanoshield on Tesla Windshields Is a Success

C-Bond Nanoshield on Tesla Windshields Is a Success

A broken window lately stole the show from Tesla's Cybertruck debut; however, according to multiple independent studies, the windshields of Tesla vehicles can successfully be fortified by C-Bond NanoShield™, the patented nanotechnology of C-Bond Systems, Inc. which is a water-repellant solution designed to repair the defects and flaws of the glass surface, thereby significantly reducing windshield chipping and cracking.

C-Bond Systems, a nanotechnology company that improves and strengthens glass, announced today that its C-Bond NanoShield™ windshield strengthener successfully protected the windshields of 54 Tesla X fleet vehicles an independent study in the Netherlands. The vehicles were tested for over 2 million kilometers, collectively, with no damage to the Tesla glass requiring repair or replacement on any windshield.

The goal of the study was to reduce windshield damage by applying C-Bond NanoShield, and the windshields were checked every 14 days for damage. Because the vehicles are part of a taxi service, no windshield repair or replacement also means no downtime of the taxi.

C-Bond NanoShield protects and strengthens windshields by permeating the glass surface and repairing the microscopic flaws and defects randomly distributed all over the glass surface that ultimately initiate chipping and cracking. The product is sprayed directly onto a windshield and then wiped off using a squeegee. The strengthening process begins immediately upon application and continues while the material cures in the following days.  Watch the C-Bond NanoShield video to learn more: https://youtu.be/ClzoPXzX4OA.

“We are excited and proud to announce these results, particularly at a time when the problem of windshield damage is getting so much attention,” stated Scott R. Silverman. “Even a technology innovator like Tesla has problems with the windows breaking on the Tesla Cybertruck. C-Bond NanoShield has proven in multiple independent studies that it fortifies windshields using our patented nanotechnology and reduces the need for repair or replacement.”

The independent test was conducted at BIOS-group in the Netherlands. Tesla, Inc. did not participate in the test or evaluation of C-Bond NanoShield.

The data collected in the test was submitted to the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit where the Company finished among the top three finalists for the Fleet Europe Innovation Award. The award rewards innovative solutions, products or services from the international fleet supplier industry, which includes manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, fuel and insurance specialists or other vehicle fleet suppliers.


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