Follow StatNano to Read the Latest Updates on Nanotechnology vs. Coronavirus

Follow StatNano to Read the Latest Updates on Nanotechnology vs. Coronavirus

Afraid of coronavirus? Have you been in a state of extreme uncertainty about this mysterious virus? Not so sure about what researchers are currently doing to save people? Take a deep breath and calm down! StatNano is here to keep you posted about the latest achievements of nanotechnology to beat this rapidly spreading troublesome virus.

As one of the most reliable references in nanotechnology, StatNano is to do its part in the battle against the novel coronavirus by actively monitoring and posting the latest updates on the solutions that nanotechnology offers to win the ongoing battle. So far, nanotechnologists have taken promising steps in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease caused by this virus.

When it comes to health, we all know that prevention is better than cure; so, that is why nanotechnology’s first focus was providing us with nanofiber-based N95 facial masks and nanoemulsion-based hand sanitizers to protect ourselves from catching the virus in the first place. However, it should be noted that facial masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with hand sanitizers or soap and water, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

But we all know that there is no way to reduce your risk of getting the coronavirus to zero, and the sooner you realize you are infected with it, the sooner you can self-isolate to protect your loved ones as well as your society, and here comes nanotechnology with quick-response highly sensitive blood or saliva tests designed based on advanced nanomaterials to rapidly tell you whether you have that hideous virus in your system or not.

And what if the result of your coronavirus test is positive? Although there is no specific treatment available for the disease caused by the new coronavirus yet, nanotechnology researchers from around the world have joined forces with medical researchers to develop effective nanomedicines as soon as possible, some of which have even passed the preclinical testing phase and are currently being studied in clinical trials.

And finally, good news for those with negative coronavirus test results , and of course, those whose protective measures have worked so far; researchers are soon to offer nanoparticle-based coronavirus vaccines, which in some cases are so successful that have demonstrated strong immunogenicity and 100% protection against the coronavirus in the preclinical testing phase.

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