ResearchGate Reports: How COVID-19 Has Affected Global Scientific Community

ResearchGate Reports: How COVID-19 Has Affected Global Scientific Community

ResearchGate published a report about the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the global scientific community’s research activity based on survey data from 3,000 international researchers.

The impact of coronavirus on society cannot be overstated. There is no precedent to the pandemic in our hyper-connected age. Its effects on society and our everyday lives are terribly disruptive. As the network for scientists and researchers, we felt it was our responsibility to check-in with our registered members to understand their needs at this time, to understand how we might help.

In late March, in the early panic phase of the pandemic in America and Europe, we surveyed 3,000 registered scientists and researchers across the globe to understand how the coronavirus and social-distancing measures have impacted their research. 82% report that their research work has been affected. Nonetheless, they're finding alternative scientific activity to remain productive, despite limited access to their facilities.

In the following insights report, you will find a top-level summary of the data from our survey, which highlights new ways of working during this time. You'll also find an appendix with high-level data visualization, rooted in both survey data and researcher behavior online. We hope these insights help you better navigate your work during this unusual time.

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