What Nanotechnology Has to Do with 2nd Generation Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Tests

What Nanotechnology Has to Do with 2nd Generation Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Tests

The World Nano Foundation (WNF) has created this report to highlight everything you need to know about 2nd generation rapid COVID-19 antibody tests, and how nanotechnology can help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

For the purpose of clarity, The World Nano Foundation (WNF) has used the Rapid COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody Assay Kit by Colloidal Gold Method, with separate readings for IgM and IgG, as the example of a 2nd generation Rapid COVID-19 antibody test.

WNF have chosen this differentiator to highlight the important advantages of using nanoparticles as part of the testing technology. The 2nd generation development of the COVID-19 Rapid Antibody IgM/IgG test has seen the introduction of gold nanoparticles into the testing strip.

Nanotechnology in Battle Against Coronavirus ...

This Colloidal Gold Method has been introduced in other applications in the disease testing industry to improve testing accuracy.

The Chinese in their fight against COVID-19 have moved to using these improved 2nd generation testing methods. The 2nd generation test advantages are:

- Detects COVID-19 with more accuracy and more information.
- They allow you to perform tests sooner after suspected infection.
- Helps key industries and workers by providing more reliable back-to-work dates.
- Gives healthcare professionals more confidence in triaging patients, to provide the most appropriate treatment paths. 


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